Goodreads: Debut Author Snapshot

At Goodreads, I talked about the inspiration behind Everything I Never Told You.

Omnivoracious: Interview (video)

At Omnivoracious, I talked with Chris Schluep, editor at Amazon, about the novel.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Interview

An interview by Joanna Connors, book editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, on Everything I Never Told You, the writing process, and growing up in Cleveland.

NPR: Weekend All Things Considered

I talked with host Arun Rath about Everything I Never Told You, my experience growing up Asian American, and the state of the American conversation on race.


Kirkus Reviews: Interview

I talked with Jessica Gross about the seeds of Everything I Never Told You, my own upbringing, Tiger Moms, and more.

Fiction Writers Review

Fellow writer and FWR founder Anne Stameshkin and I discuss influences, craft, author personae, what happens when authors try to dance--and why sometimes taking things out counts as writing.

The Practicing Writer: Interview 

An interview by Erika Dreifus, founder of the fabulous Practicing Writer newsletter.

Shelf Awareness: Maximum Shelf Interview

A Q&A with Jaclyn Fulwood from the Maximum Shelf issue highlighting Everything I Never Told You: on growing up Asian American, novels vs. short stories, and what elephants and pointing have to do with secrets and writing.

2014 "Literary Debutante" Q&A

A Q&A about my debut novel Everything I Never Told You with Adina Talve-Goodman, Managing Editor of One Story, as part of the lead-up to One Story's 5th Annual Literary Debutante Ball. 

Grub Street: Micro-Interview

I talked with Boston's Grub Street: Does Twitter count as reading? Is writer's block real? And more. 

First Flights: The Penguin Debut Author Program

A webchat Q&A with Nora Rawlinson, co-founder and editor of EarlyWord, and librarians across the country, about Everything I Never Told You.  (Minor spoilers)

One Year In--Writing the Novel

One year into the writing process... how was it going?  An interview by Rebecca Meacham (author of Let's Do, winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction).

Writer, with Kids

How do writers with kids get any work done?  A Q&A by Cari Luna (author of The Revolution of Every Day, Tin House Books).

One Story Author Q&A 

A Q&A at One Story magazine with Hannah Tinti about my story "What Passes Over."