Guest post on Bleed: "When Stories Grow Up"

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Bleed, the blog for Jaded Ibis Press, was kind enough to feature my essay "When Stories Grow Up: Letting the Writing Go." Here's an excerpt:

At a certain point in parenting, you have to accept that what you want and what your child is may not be the same. Instead of a pro athlete, you have a circus acrobat. Instead of a painter, you have a cartoonist. Instead of a doctor, you have a veterinarian. Your job, as the parent, is to love the child anyway, to support it in what it wants to do, to help it become the best circus acrobat, or cartoonist, or veterinarian it can be. To let go of your dreams for it and let it follow its own path instead — or at the very least, to not stand in the way. Your job as the writer is the same.

You can read the whole post over at Bleed.  Thanks to Elizabeth Earley, the editor of Bleed (and a Jaded Ibis author!) for the opportunity.  (And check out Elizabeth's novel A Map of Everything, due out in March 2014.)