In the Glimmer Train Bulletin: "Writing the (Quiet) Omniscient Narrator"

I'm very excited to have an essay in the latest Glimmer Train Bulletin (#85), on "Writing the Omniscient Narrator."  Here's an excerpt:

I'd given each of the characters a voice, but the voice that was missing from the novel was mine: the author's. This novel needed someone to tell the story purposefully, framing it for the reader, weaving these different stories—which took place over more than a decade—into one. In short, what this novel needed was (gulp) an omniscient narrator.

The idea made me incredibly uncomfortable. To me, omniscient narrator called to mind the Dickens model: a Big Booming Voice who bossed the characters around, a know-it-all who judged everything. Someone very unlike me. 

You can read the full essay online on Glimmer Train's website, along with essays by Natasha Tamate Weiss, Molly Antopol, and Peter Sipe.