LA Times, Dallas Morning News, Ann Arbor Observer, and more

Lots of good news to share from the past week!

The Los Angeles Times calls Everything I Never Told You "an accomplished debut":

Ng's portrait of the relationship between Lydia and Marilyn, especially, feels true and fully realized. It's also heart-wrenching. [...] In the end, Ng deftly pulls together the strands of this complex, multigenerational novel. "Everything I Never Told You" is an engaging work that casts a powerful light on the secrets that have kept an American family together — and that finally end up tearing it apart.

The Dallas Morning News writes:

Everything I Never Told You is at heart the beautifully crafted story of a family in pain, and the many reasons, personal and societal, that the Lees have lived most of their lives as strangers to one another. Making us care so deeply about her characters is Ng’s triumph.

The Ann Arbor Observer calls it a "masterful" and notes,

"Much of the intellectual weight of this deeply moving novel comes from Ng's clear-eyed exploration of the shaping force of her characters' ethnicity, but it's also an unforgiving revelation of the prejudice that surrounds them. [...] Celeste Ng has made us care enough that we too hope for the possibility of healing."

Time Out  writes:

"Ng’s tender debut [...] touches on the myriad paths grief may take, the secrets everyone keeps and how much a tragedy can affect relationships in a family."

Grantland raves:

"Everything I Never Told You moves with the velocity ... of a great literary mystery. [...] But the emotional core of Celeste Ng’s debut is what sets it apart. [...] With a deft hand, she loads and unpacks the implications of being the only Chinese American family in a small town in Ohio."