New short story, "The Kind of Man," on Five Chapters

My short story "The Kind of Man" has been published by Five Chapters! If you don't know them, Five Chapters is an online journal that publishes one story per week, in five parts--a nod to old-fashioned serial literature.   

Here's the opening to "The Kind of Man": 

My nine-year-old daughter is in love with Dick Cheney. I don’t mean some unfortunate fourth-grade classmate whose parents named him Richard. I mean the former vice president in all his bald-headed, avuncular glory. She knows his birthday (January 30, 1941), his favorite sport (football), the name of his high school (Natrona County High). She pores over these facts like a teenager over a movie star. She cuts photos of Cheney out of the newspaper and Time and pastes them to the pink-flowered walls of her bedroom; she watches videos of his speeches on YouTube the way other girls watch Justin Bieber. She writes him weekly missives that, instead of posting, I slip into the recycling. Last month, when we finally agreed to adopt a cat from the shelter, guess what she wanted to name it? As a compromise, we settled on Dixie. ...

For the rest of the story, visit the Five Chapters website, where all five parts are now online.